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Loom IV Photographers | SLC Utah

Loom IV Photographers | SLC Utah

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Who: Loom IV for Photographers.

Date: April 10 - 11, 2018

Location: SLC, Utah

Payment Options:  Full Payment of $2,700 ($2,400 sale price) or two installments of $1,350 ($1,200 sale price)

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Dates: Loom IV for Photographers takes place over two full days, (April 10-11 2018.)

PAYMENT OPTIONS*:  We have two payment options. Attendees can pay in full now or make two installments. First due with registration. Second due March 21. If you need these payments broken down into fourths, send us an email and we an try to work out a payment option that works for you. You will receive email reminders 5 days before payment due date. 

*All payments are non refundable and can be applied to a one-on-one with Ginny Au or a future workshop. 

Series IV Branding for Photographers: Ginny is continually asked by photographers how she transitioned from weddings to lifestyle to commercial and editorial work. Because she credits the Loom technique in making the successful jump to the commercial work, Ginny is incorporating Branding shoots into Loom IV. During this two day series, 16 attendees will learn all about the Loom Technique in lecture and observation exercises. You will learn how to execute the Loom process in couple photography and how she curates and executes a branding shoot. In the modern approach to marketing, brands are selling a lifestyle along with their product, thus developing a more authentic method of engaging their market. During this series you will photograph four scenes. 

Lectures & Observations: Ginny will provide lectures before and after the shoots. These are teaching lectures explaining the principles of Loom and how to incorporate these techniques into your own work and how the study of relationships, fluid motion and continual action enhance your wedding, lifestyle and branding portfolios.  Ginny will also curated a scene for observation, so you can learn how to create those 'lived-in' environments Loom is known for. 

Concept for the Shoots: In small groups the photographers will document four branding shoots. Each shoot has it's own brand, from mainstream to artisan. Two shoots will be with couples in the traditional continual action method (still marketing a brand within the shoot). During these shoots, photographers will have 30 minutes total; 20 minutes to document without direction and then 10 minutes to direct the couple if you wanted a specific moment recreated. The remaining two shoots will use two other Loom techniques; Stop/Start and Movement, to bring life and authenticity to a commercial shoot. These shoots will have two parts; still-life and product shooting & then the lifestyle element with couples/group scenes. 

Images: Your images from each shoot have no publication restrictions and can be used on your social media, websites, blogs and for marketing purposes. As some of the photographers will be shooting on film, we ask that all photographers wait to reach out to publications until given the go ahead by Ginny Au. 

Guest Photographer: Our guest photographer for this series will be Erich McVey. 

What's Included:

  • detailed lectures with Ginny Au ̊
  • observation exercises to see how ginny curates a space and works with a couple.
  • four small–group shoots.
  • unlimited use and publication of your images.                              
  • facebook group for discussions and questions.
  • post series conference call with Ginny Au.
  • beverages and snacks during the days.
  • design and education books, personalized notebooks & pencils.
  • welcome gift and branding ribbons from FrouFrou Chic.                                                                 
  • pdf documents by Ginny Au, including client questionnaire, worksheets, sourcing guide and reference guides.
  • tapas and drinks in the evenings.

̊The lectures with Ginny will cover: explanations of the Loom philosophy, principles and execution, shot composition, how to curate an enviroment, understanding your client, and finding your unqiue voice as a creative. 

Meals: We provide lunch and evening tapas and drinks for each day of the series. 

Accommodation & Travel: This is not included in the cost of the series but we do want to help keep these costs low. The closest major airport is Salt Lake City, (SLC.) We will begin a facebook group beginning March 1st for everyone to communicate and we will provide you with the list of closest airbnb's available along with the number of rooms in each house and the costs. We also help setup group car rentals and will assist with airport transport. 

Photos by Heather Nan, Mk Sadler, Erich McVey, Esther Sun, Lauren Kurc, Rylee Hitchner, Miesh Photography & Tyler Rye