Ginny Au
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What Is Loom?

The Loom Series is a practical teaching platform for photographers that encourages authentic documentation of the human condition.

It is founded on the principle of seeking methods that encourages a true representation of how clients interact, not just what they look like. We believe the photographer can be a window into the hearts and minds of its subjects and sometimes that is not always the obvious composition. Sometimes when a photographer is stuck over shooting details and manipulating pose after pose, we miss the spontaneous moments and stories as they unfold. We miss the real way our clients express their unique love.

By sharing ideas, techniques and practices with photographers, we hope to encourage and strengthen your role as documentarians. 

What is included?

  • detailed lecture by ginny au teaching the art of Loom and real life application. 
  • observing ginny working with a couple, implementing the Loom principles. 
  • four small–group shoots.
  • unlimited use and publication of your images.
  • facebook group for discussions and questions.
  • links to ginny's secret design boards, pdf documents, client questionnaires and take home design books. 
  • post series conference call with ginny au.
  • packed lunches, snacks and dinner each day.

How many days are in each series?

The Loom Series takes place over two full days. We begin after breakfast and end before diner each day. 

How many shoots are there and are any of the shoots wedding related?

Our 2017 series has four shoots. Three of those are couples. We are not offering wedding related shoots moving forward. This is intentional as we want our photographers to focus on the simple act of expression. This allows the photographer to focus on reading their clients and understanding how mood, composition, light and storytelling  allow us to create authentic imagery. Ginny does however lecture about applying the Loom principles into wedding day shooting. 


How many photographers attend each series?

We like to keep our Loom Series between 16 and 20 photographers. This allows shoots to have a small number of photographers. 

Can we use the images from the shoots?

Yes! Yes! Yes! We understand the need to build portfolios and share your work. We also know that if you want to offer your clients a loom experience moving forward, you need to have examples. All images taken by our photographers are yours to post, share, upload and publish. We do insist that Loom team credits be listed on all social media posts, (attendees are provided a list during and again after the series.) We also pick two shoots that will be featured first by our guest photographer. After those shoots have been published, you can use your images from those shoots (even submit to another publication) two weeks after. 

What are the costs?

Loom costs vary with each series based on location and expenses. Our next Loom Series in the Pacific North West is $2,700. This includes the series fees and lunches and dinners over the two days. Breakfast, Accommodation and Travel is additional. 

Do you offer payment plans?

We understand the series fee is substantial, so please email Ginny with any requests regarding payment plans and she will try to help as best she can. 

Do you help with finding accommodation?

Yes we sure do. Once we close registration, we start a facebook group and a google excel doc with links to accommodation around the area. Most of these are airbnb homes. We then help coordinate groups of people staying together to help cut costs. 

Is there travel within the Loom days?

Sometimes our series shoots take place in more then one location. In the past we have asked one attendee from each group to taxi between shoots. If you are shooting inn more then one location, the distance is always extremely close.