Ginny Au
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Loom III


LOOM III Whidbey Island, WA

Loom III takes place over two full days, (September 13 & 14) including a sunrise observation on the first day. 

Meals: We provide lunch and dinner for the two days of the series. 

Accommodation & Travel: This is not included in the cost of the series but we do want to help keep these costs low. The closest major airport is Seattle Tacoma International Airport, (SEA) which is just over 2 hours from our location including a ferry ride. We will begin a facebook group Mid July for everyone to communicate and we will provide you with the list of closest airbnb's available along with the number of rooms in each house and the costs. We also help setup group car rentals and will assist with the ferry crossings to the island. 

Concept for the Shoots: In small groups, photographers are welcomed into curated environments with the sole purpose of documenting the story as it unfolds.  By storyboarding each shoot in advance and allowing the natural relationships of the subjects to shine through, Ginny allows the photographer to focus on the subtleties in life we often overlook. 

Storytellers: There will be four shoots in total and photographers will have 30 minutes with each shoot. You have 20 minutes to document the story and then 10 minutes to direct the couple if you wanted a specific moment recreated. This decision is decided by your group.  Each story takes place in a different location, some inside and others outside.

Lectures: Ginny will provide lectures before and after the shoots. These are teaching lectures explaining the principles of Loom and how to incorporate these techniques into your own work and how the study of relationships and couples enhances wedding couple photography. We also provide an observation exercise where Ginny works with a couple, showing you how to encourage your clients. Please see the PDF for all the details on your schedule.

*All payments are non refundable and can be applied to a one-on-one with Ginny Au or a future workshop.