Ginny Au




‘When we eliminate the need to control, what do we see? What can we capture?’

The Loom Series is a practical teaching platform for photographers that encourages authentic documentation of the human condition.

It is founded on the principle of seeking methods that encourages a true representation of how clients interact, not just what they look like. We believe the photographer can be a window into the hearts and minds of its subjects and sometimes that is not always the obvious composition. Sometimes when a photographer is stuck over shooting details and manipulating pose after pose, we miss the spontaneous moments and stories as they unfold. We miss the real way our clients express their unique love.

By sharing ideas, techniques and practices with photographers, we hope to encourage and strengthen your role as documentarians. 

Loom Series.

The Loom Series picks one location each year that revolves around a specific theme picked by Ginny Au. She hosts an intimate group of photographers for two days filled with educational lectures, observations, photo shoots,practical exercises and detailed discussions. 

 In small groups, the attendees are welcomed into curated environments with the sole purpose of documenting the story as it unfolds. By storyboarding each shoot in advance and allowing the natural relationships of the subjects to shine through, Ginny allows the photographer to focus on the subtleties in life we often overlook.

Ginny will provide lectures before and after the shoots explaining the philosophy, how to replicate with your own clients and answers questions about implementation and how to communicate with your clients.

She also provides observation exercises where you can watch her work, ask questions, and talk to the couples, furthering  your knowledge on the loom technique. 

Each series includes:

  • detailed lecture by ginny au teaching the art of Loom and real life application. 
  • observing ginny working with a couple, implementing the Loom principles. 
  • four small–group shoots.
  • unlimited use and publication of your images.
  • facebook group for discussions and questions.
  • links to ginny's secret design boards, pdf documents, client questionnaires and take home design books. 
  • post series conference call with ginny au.
  • packed lunches, snacks and dinner each day.


attendee photos


LOOM II Catskills, NY

Erich McVey Workshop, Elk, CA


LOOM I, Nashville TN

Kelbert mcfarland

LOOM II Catskills, NY

lauren kirk

LOOM II, Catskills NY

Erich McVey Workshop, Elk, CA